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Basics of Perspective in Drawing

Academic drawing is a noble direction based on classical art education. To learn it, you should get acquainted with the pillars of a realistic image: the basics of perspective, composition, and proportions. Without their free use, nothing will work.

Perspective is the principle of transferring the real world to a picture with visual distortions of the proportions of bodies in order to convey their position in space. The academic direction strives for a realistic depiction of people and objects. But art is only imitation.
Drawing an object, the artist transfers it from the three-dimensional world to a plane – a sheet of paper. To make the drawing look “like in life”, it must convey the 3D features of the depicted. For this, perspective is needed – it conveys the volume of the world in the visual distortion in which a person sees it, with the artistic refinement of a painter or graphic artist.

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